Dove Real Beauty Sketches Ad Becomes Most-Watched Advertisement Of All Time, Company Claims

The Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" ad that went viral in April is now the most-watched online video ad ever, Unilever announced today.

According to Mashable, the video advertisement has been translated into 25 different languages, and viewed more than 114 million times,beating the "Evian Roller Babies" ad to become the most-watched.

The viral video has received mixed reviews. Commenters on Dove's Facebook page wrote things like "wonderful, leaves you speechless..." and "BRILLIANT CAMPAIGN!!! Keep it up:)" However, others were more critical of the advertisement's message.

Kate Fridkis wrote a blog for the Huffington Post in which she questioned why the women taking part were mostly white and slim. Fridkis also pointed ou, "In Dove's world, as in the real world of beauty standards, there is definitely a better and a worse way to look, it's just that, according to Dove, women are often mistaken about which side they're really on."

Business Insider's Laura Stampler wrote a piece on why people "hate" the Dove ad, rounding up the main criticisms leveled against the video. Common complaints included objection to the fact that the sketch artist was male, claims that Unilever is hypocritical for making such an ad when they produce the infamously sexist Axe advertisements, and argument that "the ad blames women, rather than society, for critiquing the smallest physical imperfection."

The ad also spawned a number of parody videos poking fun at both its execution and overall message.

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