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Dove Shampoo Ad Gives Man A Gorgeous Hair Makeover (VIDEO)

We've always admired Dove ad campaigns, which often spotlight diverse body types and "real beauty." But the beauty brand's latest ad, a Brazilian commercial for Dove Men + Care shampoo, is just downright confusing.

The video spot, created by Dove and Ogilvy & Mather Brasil, stars a dude with gorgeous Kate Middleton-like hair. It's so luscious and toss-worthy that it draws attention from a male co-worker: "Did you do something to your hair?... It looks like those slow-mo effects from women's shampoo ads."

And in reality, it really does. This guy's girl-hair is awesome. But the point of the ad is that it's too awesome: The man immediately sprints home and washes away his lovely locks with manly Dove Men + Care shampoo because, as the tagline states, "Women's shampoo is not made for you."

Some may find the stark masculine/feminine dichotomy offensive -- as Jezebel put it, "OMG NOT LADYHAIR, EVERYONE WILL THINK I AM WEAK AND HELPLESS." But we're distracted by the idea that this ad is for men's shampoo, seeing as it showcases the most awesome head of women's hair. Seriously, what kind of "women's shampoo" was the guy using before? Because we want a bottle (or seven).

Watch the commercial below (or see it with subtitles at Do you find it offensive or simply comical?


Is this commercial nearly as controversial as these ads?

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