Survey Shows That Only 7 Percent Of Women Love Their Hair (POLL, PHOTOS)

We Love Our Hair...Kind Of (POLL, PHOTOS)

According to a survey conducted by Dove, only 7 percent of women in the United States love their hair.

Eek! Talk about a bad hair day.

The beauty company teamed up with actress Rashida Jones for their Make Friends With Your Hair campaign and contest to allow women across the country to vent about their hair stuggles and hopefully help them love their hair.

The project also surveyed 1,000 U.S. women to find out how much they loved their hair. Sadly, not many.

Although the overall finding was that only 7 percent of women love their hair, the survey also found that African American women (14%) were the most likely to vote that way.

That's slightly encouraging, but 14 percent is still pretty pathetic. Maybe hair sororities aren't such a bad idea? A sisterhood of hair lovers to the rescue!

Either way, it looks like our tresses are in need of some major TLC.

Here are a few more interesting findings from the survey:

  • Hair Care is a higher priority in a woman's morning routine than eating breakfast (45% versus 41%), applying makeup (39%) and extra sleep (35%).

  • When asked how many hair products they use on an average day to manage/tame their unpredictable hair, 58% of women said they use three or more.
  • 1 in 5 women have passed on a social event as a result of unpredictable hair.
  • In an attempt to inspire some much needed affection towards our hair, we've rounded up a slideshow of fabulous hair moments from a few of our favorite stars. Check it out!

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