'Downton Abbey' Bans Water Bottles And Underwear After Photo Scandal

'Downton Abbey' Just Went Way Too Far

The cast response to "Bottle-Gate" was cute, but now "Downton Abbey" is getting cheeky in all the wrong ways.

In response to a bottle of water sneaking its way into a press photo, "Downton" is reportedly banning anything modern from set, which includes water bottles and even underwear.

“Modern watches and jewelry are out and so even is modern underwear as the danger is apparently too great it could be seen if we bend over,” said a "Downton" cast member according to the Telegraph.

Series creator Julian Fellowes claims he didn't know about a ban but expected some discipline after the incident. However, Fellowes is reportedly a fan of how the cast embraced the situation following the gaffe.

Fans of the show are known for pointing out time period inconsistencies, so though it may seem extreme, the ban could possibly save the series some headaches in the future. Because when it comes to "Downton," you've seen London, and you've seen France, but they definitely want to stop that rhyme right there.

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