Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?

In this image released by PBS, Michelle Dockery portrays Lady Mary in a scene from the second season of "Downton Abbey." Dock
In this image released by PBS, Michelle Dockery portrays Lady Mary in a scene from the second season of "Downton Abbey." Dockery was nominated Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012 for a Golden Globe for best actress in a drama series for her role in the show. The 70th annual Golden Globe Awards will be held on Jan. 13. (AP Photo/PBS, Carnival Film & Television Limited 2011 for MASTERPIECE)

I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey and I have spoilers in this post, so if you are not yet caught up, go watch it now and come back. And if you haven't yet seen it. Ugh. Get on Netflix right now and get caught up. You can thank me later.

I missed the first two seasons and had to catch up on DVD once I realized my error. I'm not sure what took me so long. This show is right up my alley:

Historical drama -- check.

Beautiful house -- check.

English countryside -- check.

Soap opera plot -- check.

It has everything I love in a TV show. I enjoy a good TV show or movie or book, because I love to escape reality. It's not like my reality is so bad, but who wouldn't want to imagine living in a gorgeous mansion in the English countryside surrounded by a devoted and loyal staff who anticipate my every need? Duh.

When I watch shows like Downton I like to imagine that I'm just like one of the characters in the story. Usually, it's the heroine (because really, who wants to be Daisy?). For several episodes I've gone back and forth trying to figure out which character I'm most like. I'm, of course, one of the Crawley sisters. I can't be a maid. I like Anna just fine, but I'm not going to escape my reality for her life. Nope. I'm a Crawley, for sure, but which one?

There's Mary. She's the oldest. I'm the oldest. Her parents adore her. My parents think I'm swell. She's got men courting her all the time. I get courted a lot too. At seven months pregnant I got hit on by a couple of high school boys and invited to a party if I brought beer. (Best. Day. Ever.) She's a bit bossy. I'm a bit bossy. She's flawlessly gorgeous. I'm decent looking. She's kind of a bitch. I'm kind of... Wait. I don't want to be Mary.

There's Sybil. She's a free spirit. I'm a free spirit. She's not afraid of hard work and she becomes a nurse during the war. I'm not afraid of hard work, but I am afraid of blood, so I couldn't be a nurse. She gets romanced by the hot foreign chauffeur and whisked away from her family to start a new life. The Hubs is not a hot foreign chauffeur, but he likes to drive me places and he is an immigrant, so that's pretty close. Sybil's going to be a mother. I'm a mother. Sybil... is dead?? Sybil died!!! They killed Sybil. I can't even believe it. Great. Now I can't be Sybil.

So, who's left? Oh yeah, what's-her-name.

Edith. The middle daughter. The angry one who likes to stir up trouble. I'm angry and I like to stir up trouble. Edith worries about being a spinster. If the Hubs ever left me I'd totally be a spinster. There is no one else in the world who could love me. I'm sure of it -- even old codgers with bum arms. Edith can't have breakfast in bed. I never get breakfast in bed. After she gets jilted at the altar (thank goodness we don't have that in common) Edith drags herself out of bed and writes an op-ed to the newspaper about women's voting rights. I write about women's rights. Damn. I'm Edith. I'm the frumpy, cross, homely writer one who can't eat breakfast in bed.

On second though, maybe I'll just be Mrs. Bird.

Which Downton character are you?

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