Lady Mary Might Be In For More Heartbreak By 'Downton' Series Finale

Season 6 does, however, promise closure.

With the sixth and final "Downton Abbey" season set to premiere Sept. 20 on the U.K.'s ITV, rumors are circulating on how it all will end.

Creator Julian Fellowes has repeatedly stated the upcoming season is all about closure. Although some characters' futures seem more predictable than others. 

The Earl of Grantham smartly realizes Downton must downsize, as actor Hugh Bonneville told RadioTimes. With Branson moving to America and Rose married, Lady Edith and Marigold seem London-bound, where Edith can be closer to her magazine. Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are off on a "twisty and turny" journey down the aisle, actress Phyllis Logan said. It seems like everyone is getting their happily ever after -- except, perhaps, Lady Mary.  

As actress Michelle Dockery explained to RadioTimes, her endearingly pompous character may never want for "a suitor or two," but Mary will spend Season 6 looking inward.

"Mary is just trying to find happiness within herself -- it’s not just about finding the right man," Dockery said. "She goes through quite an interesting time in her life in this series. She just wants to be content, I think, and happy. She’s always just chasing the happy." 

Oh, and that budding romance between Mary and Henry Talbot, driver of fast cars, we see at the end of Season 5? It may just end in heartbreak.

"What appears to be a good relationship for Mary, seemingly moving in the right direction, takes a cruel turn that sends Mary to a dark place again," Dockery said in another interview.

Speeding cars. Lady Mary. "A cruel turn." None of that bodes well for a character who lost her first husband in an auto accident. 

And, to make matters worse, American audiences will have to wait until 2016 to find out. #tears, indeed.


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