'Downton Abbey' Cast Has The Best Response To That Water Bottle Mistake

'Downton Abbey' Cast Responds To That Viral Photo

Why do we love the "Downton Abbey" cast? Because they know how to laugh at themselves and stay hydrated.

Earlier this week a new photo from "Downton Abbey" Season 5 went viral for a hilarious historical error -- there was a plastic water bottle on the mantelpiece. This wasn't just some behind-the-scenes photo either, it was an official press photo. Yet, the ladies and gentlemen of Downton aren't ashamed of the mistake and decided to laugh along with the joke. The show's official Instagram posted a photo of the entire cast holding water bottles in what is maybe the most adorable response ever.

At this point we don't even care if any more historical inaccuracies leak into Season 5; all is already forgiven.

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