Dr. Ben Ramaley: Fertility Doctor Accused Of Using Own Sperm To Artificially Inseminate Woman

Dr. Ben Ramaley, a Greenwich, Connecticut fertility doctor stands accused of not only impregnating a patient with the wrong man's sperm, but --in a shocking twist-- using his own instead.

The prominent doctor was supposed to artificially inseminate an unidentified woman with her husband's sperm after they first consulted him in 2002. After several attempts, the woman became pregnant and gave birth to twins.

According to court records, the parents were surprised at the "fair complexion" of the children as the woman's husband is African-American. A 2004 DNA test confirmed their suspicions that the husband was not in fact the biological father of the twins.

In 2005 the couple sued Ramaley, alleging that the doctor "intentionally inserted his own sperm into" the wife. Ramaley denied the allegations.

While the suit was settled out of court, the Connecticut Public Health Department began investigating the doctor for wrongdoing and fined him $10,000 dollars and ordered him to stop performing artificial inseminations.

The Health Department allowed Ramaley to keep his medical license and he is still practicing in Connecticut today. However, the doctor forfeited his New York medical license due to the same misconduct.

No criminal inquiry has been launched into the matter.