Dr. Brene Brown's Parenting Advice Makes Oprah Cry (VIDEO)

In addition to being a researcher, TEDx speaker, professor and author of Daring Greatly, Dr. Brené Brown is also a parent. In her book, Dr. Brown included a parenting manifesto that she shared with Oprah on "Super Soul Sunday."

"Every home should have a manifesto," Oprah says this clip. “If you don’t, then your home is operating under confusion and chaos.” She asks Dr. Brown to read aloud the parenting manifesto she uses in her own home.

Watch the video to hear Dr. Brown read her parenting manifesto and see which moment caused Oprah to get emotional. “Oh, I’m going to cry now,” Oprah says. “We all want a mother like that.”

To read and print Dr. Brown’s complete parenting manifesto from Daring Greatly, click here.

In the clip, Oprah also says that adopting this parenting manifesto could impact life beyond your own household. “I wish everybody could live by those words," she tells Dr. Brown. "Really. That’s how you change the world."

“I believe it,” Dr. Brown says.

Watch Oprah’s full interview with Dr. Brené Brown on part two of her appearance on “Super Soul Sunday,” airing March 24 at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.

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