Dr. DeSanctis -- A Great Role Model for Me

Dr. DeSanctis' Care Made a Lasting Impact on Me After My Boating Accident

A recent article in The Boston Globe was titled, "After six decades of devotion, the doctor is out."

In 1978 my father was admitted to Mass General Hospital in Boston after suffering several heart attacks at our home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

He was cared for by Dr. Roman DeSanctis, an outstanding cardiologist. Then in 1985, I was badly burned in a boat explosion in New Hampshire and medevac'd to MGH. As the burn doctors bandaged me and cared for my burns, Dr. DeSanctis walked into my hospital room. I was in MGH for 16 days and every morning before 9 o'clock, Dr. DeSanctis came to visit. I had problems related to my burn treatment, which Dr. DeSanctis helped me solve. I'll always be grateful for his competency and concern for me - although I was not officially his patient and he was very busy.

The Globe wrote that Dr. DeSanctis was now retiring at the age of 83: "Dr. DeSanctis is known as much for his warmth & for going the extra mile as for the clinical skill, and inspiring devotion to his patients. In an interview with The Globe, DeSanctis described his philosophy, "Treat patients as you would like to be treated. Be prompt. Lateness says the patient's time is not important. Listen carefully -- anger & arrogance are cardinal sins. I've always been a people person." He speaks softly and is quick with a joke. "You look good," he tells a patient -- "and that's better than looking bad."

The Globe states he has become a renowned diagnostician. He hears heart murmurs others miss and is known for his ability to diagnose disease from patterns he sees in basic x-rays. He is known as an outstanding teacher. He's also known for his 16-hour workdays.

I will always love and respect this great physician not only for his superb diagnostic skills, but also because he cared for me and my dad as real people, and took the time to ensure that we got the very best patient care.

I have worked for almost 60 years with our team to develop a culture of caring for people, providing opportunity for them and listening to their needs. Dr. DeSanctis has been a great role model for me.

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