Dr. Dre, T.I. Set On Developing 'Chemistry' & New Music (VIDEO)

As Dr. Dre's much-delayed album, "Detox," awaits a release date, the iconic producer is still in the process of recording new material according to fellow MC, T.I.

The self-proclaimed "King of the South" recently released a trailer promoting his forthcoming mixtape, "F**k Da City Up," which shows the two Grammy Award-winners hard at work in the studio.

While the Atlanta native did not reveal details regarding the studio session, he did explain how the two used the opportunity to develop their chemistry.

"Of course we can get together, he got hot beats and I got dope rhymes, so we can always get together and make music," T.I. explained to MTV News. "But for people to feel what we're sayin' and for it to sound like a party comin' through your speakers, you gonna have to create some chemistry. So that's what we spent more time doin' than anything else; developing that chemistry."

Prior to their most recent studio experience, Tip (as he is also known as) was also featured alongside Nas and Dre on a 2009 leaked track titled, "Topless," which was reportedly set to appear on "Detox." Meanwhile T.I.'s new mixtape, "F**k Da City Up" is scheduled to hit the web on New Year's Day.


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