Dr. Drew: Angelina Jolie Looks 'Malnourished' (VIDEO)

Dr. Drew Pinsky took to "The View" (weekdays on ABC) on Friday to speak out about Angelina Jolie, who he believes, from watching her at the Oscars, is "malnourished."

"I'm tired of keeping quiet about this stuff. When I was quiet about prescription drug use and then everyone starts dying, now I feel an obligation to speak up: She's malnourished. She has the [physical signs] ... of malnutrition," he said.

Dr. Drew went on to speculate as to what may be going on with Jolie's health. He cited an US Weekly report that claimed she may have been depriving herself of food in order to "make a statement about the kids in Africa that she was working with that didn't have a chance to eat," according to Dr. Drew. "I just see malnutrition for some reason there, and we shouldn't look at that as an ideal of beauty," he continued. "She's a beautiful woman, but she needs to be better nourished."

Earlier in the week, Bill O'Reilly made a similar observation about Jolie, opining that she appeared "emaciated" at the Oscars.

Dr. Drew -- who may or may not still have the opportunity to diagnose celebrities on his possibly canceled "Celebrity Rehab" on VH1-- has a history of diagnosing Jolie from afar. In an interview with the Huffington Post in 2010, he talked about Jolie's past struggles with heroin use and predicted that she and Brad Pitt were headed for a "nuclear eruption." Dr. Drew later spoke to about his statements to HuffPost:

"I do not know Brad or Angelina (and) I certainly don't want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way ... I'm deeply concerned and apologetic ... for these comments that were taken out of context."