Dr. Drew, 'Cancer Survivor,' Reveals He Underwent Surgery For Prostate Cancer

Dr. Drew Reveals His Battle With Prostate Cancer On HLN Blog

Much like Angelina Jolie in her touching personal essay about undergoing a double masectomy in the New York Times, Dr. Drew has taken to the media to reveal his battle with prostate cancer. In his case, he's penned an essay on the blog of his television network, HLN.

"While many of you were celebrating the Fourth of July, I was at home on my couch recovering from a radical robotic prostatectomy," wrote Dr. Drew. "Four hours of surgery had left me in great pain, without an appetite, and in need of help from my college-age son, Jordan, to get up and lie down. But I was cancer-free for the first time in at least two years."

"In 2011 my wife, Susan, begged me to go to the doctor for a check-up," he continued, adding: "An ultrasound revealed that the central lobe of my prostate was bigger than it should have been."

"What my doctor diagnosed was prostatitis; inflammation of the prostate. It’s usually caused by a bacterial infection," he explained, going on to describe the biopsy he had undergone. "What they discovered was a low-grade tumor."

As for his decision to undergo surgery, Dr. Drew said, "I'm relatively young. I have a wife. I have three children in college. I didn't want cancer coming back. So I had a radical robotic prostatectomy in early July 2013."

Explaining his decision to share the news with his fans, Dr. Drew said: "I want you to hear it from me. Not from the Internet. Not from a gossip column. Not from someone who doesn't know me."

For Dr. Drew's complete post, click over to HLNTV.com.

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