Dr. Drew Denounces Vaccine Passports And Gets Dragged By Twitter Users

The medical doctor and media personality didn't seem to realize that vaccinations have been required for international travel for decades.

Dr. Drew Pinsky’s take on vaccine passports earned him a failing grade from Twitter users on Monday.

It happened after the medical doctor and media personality suggested on Twitter that requiring vaccination passports for traveling internationally strips people of their freedom.

Pinsky was immediately dragged by Twitter users for being clueless about a key fact: Vaccines have been required for some international travel since the 1940s.

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users were shocked that a nationally known medical doctor like Pinsky would be so unaware that vaccinations are often required for international travel.

After getting massively “ratioed” for the tweet, Pinsky apparently decided that rather than admitting he was wrong, it would be better to post a cryptic quote from former President Theodore Roosevelt.

Luckily, one Twitter user managed to translate Pinsky’s real message.

So far, Pinsky hasn’t admitted that, yes, vaccination passports have been a part of international travel for decades.

However, he did finally drop bogus claims of freedom and made a simple request that Americans get one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

In December, Pinsky was diagnosed with COVID-19, months after he apologized for calling the pandemic “press induced panic,” according to Yahoo News.

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