Dr. Evil Took Over 'SNL' To Criticize Sony And North Korea

Dr. Evil is back and he's not happy that Sony and North Korea are giving evil organizations a bad rep.

The classic Mike Myers character invaded "Saturday Night Live" last night to address the Sony hacks and interrupt a hilarious Sam Smith Christmas parody. First, he criticized the hacking group Guardians of Peace for their name and acronym, saying, "There's already a GOP and they're already an evil organization." When it came to Sony, Dr Evil. couldn't help but wonder why the hackers decided to pick on the studio. "They haven't had a hit since the Walkman," Evil joked. Regardless of what the hackers do next, they certainly can't ask for 100 million dollars. "Been there, done that," Dr. Evil reminded us.

Later, Bobby Moynihan impersonated Kim Jong Un on "Weekend Update," only to learn that he should remove the leader from his cast of characters. As Moynihan's leader of North Korea began recounting the pains of holiday shopping, a bunch of sniper lasers showed up on his chest. He quickly abandoned the bit, but not before clarifying his identity. "I'm Seth Rogen, everybody!"



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