Anthony Fauci Shows Exactly When And How To Wear A Face Mask, And When You Don't Need It

The coronavirus expert talked about taking precautions in restaurants, outdoors and more on "The Daily Show."

Need smart advice on some confusing face mask issues?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, has you covered. (Watch the video below at the 11:00 mark.)

On “The Daily Show” Monday, Fauci fielded questions from host Trevor Noah about when and where to wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic, and when not to.

In short, you don’t necessarily need to wear a mask when you’re riding your bicycle on the street, “but you should have it in case you come into close contact with people,” the doctor said.

As for restaurants, you should take off your mask to eat, obviously, but put it back on between courses because there’s enough movement where people are likely to be within 6 feet of you at some point, Fauci noted.

Noah got a little hung up on the issue of mask contamination via the neck, so Fauci demonstrated a flip move for safely reinstalling a mask.

Fauci recommended keeping your mask on in an empty elevator and even in a near-empty movie theater. He also had firm advice on what to do if someone can’t understand you while you’re talking with a mask on.

Watch him explain at the 11-minute mark below.

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