Dr. Nadia Brown Shows You How to Take the Leap

Dr. Nadia Brown Shows You How to Take the Leap
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Dr. Nadia Brown

Dr. Nadia Brown

If you’re like many women whose career is listlessly drifting along the river of “Your Time and Somebody Else’s Prosperity,” success is dawning. The founder of Doyenne Leadership and the author of “Leading Like a Lady: How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling,” Dr. Nadia Brown, can wake you up into a life fulfilling what you yearn to do, every day. Through her teachings, Dr. Nadia delivers eye-opening and inspired conversation about women and leadership. The impact cultivates the courage to take that leap from a career girl working in a job, to an entrepreneurial professional realizing her career aspirations.

Dr. Nadia functions under a simple concept; study without active engagement produces “loser theories” and unrealized progress. Dr. Nadia's built her Institute and teachings out of a vibrant tug-of-war between “career fear” and “career fulfillment.” Calling herself “The Reluctant Entrepreneur,” she had resigned to be a corporate career person on into retirement. Could she build a fulfilling business viable enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle? Fortunately, out of her heart’s yearning, she authored strategies that women can use to “take the leap” and create their dream life’s work and lifestyle.

You probably have heard the saying that goes something like this, “if you love the “work” you do, you will never “work” a day in your life.” That idea best describes Dr. Nadia’s initial motivation and inspiration. Working her corporate job was an “ever-nagging” pain that jabbed at her each week to pay bills and make more bills. Work disappeared as she leaned into the “soul-yearning” of what she wanted to do. Immediately, the vision began to pull her out of the pain and toward a joy-filled destiny.

Knowing she had a compelling desire with a vaguely defined dream, Dr. Nadia assembled a team; a coaching relationship that eventually grew into a mastermind group. Carefully, she outlined her vision, and together they crafted it into a plausible business. The business concept and design then needed daily action items to create the new reality. So, the process included graduated steps that assembled a “transition plan,” easing entry into her career fulfilling venture.

Conceptualizing and identifying the core passion of her idea lived as a joy-filled dream. Dr. Nadia came face-to-face with her “Freedom Number,” the actual yearly amount that would sustain her in a lifestyle she could comfortably accept.

Of course, there was paperwork, financial planning, and business plan development, yet the work felt like play in the atmosphere of “Self-Designing Destiny.” The combined wisdom of the team generated clear, strategic and practical steps to realizing her business. Most memorably, throughout every detail of the plan, execution of the steps, and negotiation of financial issues her mastermind group kept her wrapped in a comforting blanket of love. The tactics and design were just unproven formula without the inspirational touch of like-minded people throughout her journey.

Dr. Nadia has stated, “My vision for my clients is that they develop the skills and confidence needed to go where THEY want to go. Much of that grows from identifying what you are selling. It may not be the fancy trappings of your business framework; it could be the tangible outcomes your personal energy and expertise help to create.” Her process quickly takes you from a one-page business plan into sales conversations for marketing and client acquisition. Dr. Nadia expressed, “quality businesses do not appear in the inert environment of an office, they grow from interaction with the “ideal client(s),” and purposed for hands-on delivery.”

When prompted about the clear and present obstacles clouding today, Dr. Nadia shared, “One of the biggest problems my clients face in 2017 is truly owning their power and claiming their voice. As things continue to change in our current political climate, there is a lot of fear. Women must stand up, own their power and then work together to ensure equality and economic empowerment for women globally."

Doyenne Leadership helps women on the rise build profitable and sustainable businesses by focusing on three pillars: leadership, speaking, and sales. Dr. Nadia’s program reveals why investing in women leaders is the key to a more engaged workforce, a culture of innovation and ultimately, increased profitability. Her interactive presentations combine the latest in management theory with practical tools and strategies to create a culture of high-performance and open communication. She customizes her presentations to meet your needs including keynotes, breakout sessions, teleseminars, webinars, and half-day, full day or multi-day workshops. Dr. Nadia’s profound concepts and skill development strategies are equally applicable to men.

Join dynamic speaker, trainer, and author, Dr. Nadia Brown as Doyenne Leadership hosts their 2nd Annual Take the Leap Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, October 12-14, 2017. You can learn more details at www.TakeTheLeapEvent.com. Dr. Nadia is the author of “Leading Like a Lady: How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling.” Book Dr. Nadia for your next keynote, workshop, or training. For more information and availability, email contact@doyenneleadership.com or call 888-378-1119.

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