Dr. Oz's Free Clinics Help The Uninsured

On Saturday, September 26, television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz hosted a free clinic in Houston, one that attracted over 1,700 people. It was the largest non-disaster-related free clinic in United States history.

The free clinic featured over 700 volunteers, 200 doctors and 300 nurses. Oz chose Houston because of its high rate of uninsured residents, nearly one out of every three. The Reliant Convention Center hosted Oz's team and volunteers from the National Association of Free Clinics, an organization mentioned on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and by the Stein family in a recent feature on HuffPost Impact.

The complete special on Dr. Oz's free clinics can be seen through his website.

In an interview with CBS news, Dr. Oz and Dr. Jonathan LaPook discuss a man who could not afford to see a doctor, despite having a six-figure income just the previous year. Oz flew this man to New York where he was given a free examination and colonoscopy.