Why Dr. Phil Waited Over 10 Years To Publish His New Diet Book (VIDEO)

Why Dr. Phil Waited Over 10 Years To Publish His New Diet Book

It's been more than a decade since Dr. Phil published his first weight loss book, The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys To Weight Loss Freedom. He was passionate then about helping to fight our country's obesity epidemic, and he's been passionate ever since about giving people the tools they need to live a healthy life. So why did he wait so long after his last bestseller to publish his new book, The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision into Reality, 20 Key Foods to Help You Succeed Where Other Diets Fail?

In the video above, Dr. Phil explains: “There’s a reason that there’s 10 years since I’ve written a weight book, because I’ve been waiting for something to happen. I’ve been waiting for a game-changer ... since I wrote on this [topic] 10 years ago, and there’s been a lot of emerging science. We know things now we didn’t know 10 years ago."

So, Dr. Phil harnessed groundbreaking research and new theories from bariatric research (i.e., the study of obesity) to come up with a three-phase plan based around 20 key ingredients, called 20/20 foods.

"You will be shocked at some of the revelations, especially those involving genetics and biochemistry, because they may help explain why, despite your best efforts, your body has been unwilling to shed excess fat deposits," he writes. "New research and theories have also yielded helpful information about certain common foods and specific exercise patterns that I believe may be able to help you in your efforts to lose weight."

Dr. Phil conducted a national survey to understand why people fail on diets so much of the time. He discovered 7 "ugly truths" about dieting — and then came up with a plan with solutions to the "rebellion triggers" that throw most people off track.

“My goal is to bring you the newest information along with time-proven keys for success," he explains. "I want to help you transform your body, your body image, your lifestyle, your priorities and your self-worth, all in one fell swoop.”

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The 20/20 Diet is broken into three phases and includes a clear vision and a doable plan to incorporate into your lifestyle for the rest of your life to help you achieve your goals. There are 20 foods at the core of the diet that may help enhance your body’s caloric burn, help you feel fuller when you eat and have a time release effect. Dr. Phil also shares meal plans, recipes and a type of exercise that recent research and theories suggest is fast, efficient and can help keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals.

“You can go try all those other products and programs that promise weight loss without diet and exercise all you want and feel really good in the moment, but six months from now, you’re likely going to weigh the same as you do right now — or more — and you know it,” Dr. Phil says. “Or, let me tell you what you should do cognitively, behaviorally, environmentally, socially and nutritionally and you can adopt these habits for a lifetime of healthy weight. You can choose to see your goal with 20/20 accuracy, and when you can see a goal that clearly, you can achieve it.”

It’s a new year — are you ready for a new you? What are you waiting for? Learn more about The 20/20 Diet:

Read an excerpt from The 20/20 Diet here.

As a companion to the book, get The 20/20 Diet app free on iTunes or Google Play. Track your meals and exercise progress, plus get recipes and snack ideas for each phase of The 20/20 Diet! (Please note: You need to purchase the book in order to use the app.)

To find out where you can purchase The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision into Reality, 20 Key Foods to Help You Succeed Where Other Diets Fail, click here.

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