One Message You Don't Want To Send To Your Children When You Create A Blended Family (VIDEO)


When a mother concerned about her teen daughter drinking, smoking and causing chaos admits to Dr. Phil that her new husband treats her daughter differently than his own daughter, and even wants her daughter out of the house altogether, Dr. Phil gets personal.

“I’ve always had the attitude: If my children aren’t welcome, I ain’t welcome,” says Dr. Phil, who has two grown sons. “You mess with them you're messing with me. If somebody’s not OK with them, they might as well spit in my face, because we’re done.”

Watch as Dr. Phil explains to the mom that even if her daughter is acting out there is no excuse for alienating a child. "She's living with that rejection and isolation with an authority in her life — the man you said you're going to spend the rest of your life with — and that's the message you're giving her. That seems to me to be a really whacked-out priority," he says.

This show airs today. Check here for local listings.

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