Dr. Phil Settles Lawsuit With Women Claiming False Imprisonment With Naked Man

CBS and Dr. Phil have settled a lawsuit filed by two women who claimed that the show falsely imprisoned them in a room with a naked man.

Shirley Dieu and Crystal Matchett were a part of the 2007 episode, "The Dr. Phil House" that filmed participants living together in a reality show-style setting. Producers sent a naked man into the house to gauge the reactions of the participants, according to TMZ.

The women claimed that personal and mental injuries as a result, and alleged that the house was surrounded by 12-feet walls and fences that prevented them from trying to escape. They also claim that they had appeared on the show under false promises that they would receive personal counseling from Dr. Phil himself.

Though the lawsuit was initially dismissed, it became more serious when a California Court of Appeals ruled that the show's producers may have made misrepresentations when the women signed the waivers to appear on the show. The court also found that the show's partipants hadn't waived their right to pursue claims including fraud, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The Hollywood Reporter speculates that the ruling gave the plantiffs leverage in the settlement talks. The terms of the settlement are unknown.