Dr. Suzan Obagi's Do's and Don'ts For Skin Health That Will Surprise You

Dr. Susan Obagi's Do's and Don'ts For Skin Health That Will Surprise You
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Rock star dermatologist, Dr. Suzan Obagi would most certainly be in Los Angeles or New York beautifying famous faces if she wasn’t in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Beverly Hills based dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, inventor of the Obagi Blue Peel.

Dr. Suzan Obagi’s unparalleled finesse with a needle and laser transforms her patients into the best version of themselves. Her innate talent and ability to give women a natural youthful look is no doubt due to her academic excellence. She is the incoming president for the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Associate Professor of Dermatology and Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at UPMC.

Being a woman herself, Dr. Obagi really knows what women are seeking and how they feel about aging. “I’m aging with them,” she identifies. “I can relate to them on many levels because I’m going through the same thing they’re going through. Pretty much every treatment I’m recommending to them I’ve done or tried.”

In a time when women are being over-filled and over-done because neither doctor nor patient is pulling back the reins, she wants you to take back control of your face.

Courtney Cox came out publicly to announce that she is stopping her facial fillers because she overdid it and started to look fake. Had Courtney gone to Dr. Suzan Obagi, she would’ve never gotten to that point, I’m sure.

Dr. Obagi offers her unique list of skin do’s and don’ts to keep you tight and right.

Don’t Smoke. We all know how bad it is for health and hygiene, but it contributes to premature wrinkling.

Don’t Chew Gum. The repeated chewing motion pulls down the corners of the mouth and strengthens the downward pulling muscles, worsening marionette lines (the ones around your mouth).

Don’t Use Straws. Start trying to avoid puckering your mouth unnecessarily, it contributes to wrinkling of the lips and around the mouth.

Don’t Touch or Pick. Your hands are dirty; transferring dirt, grime and oil from your hands to your face can cause breakouts.

Don’t Overconsume Alcohol. It’s bad for you, ages you, and dehydrates you. Drink water to hydrate if you’re drinking.

Do Wear Sunscreen Every Day. And she does mean every single day. Harmful UV rays are at work year round regardless of season or climate. Opt for a mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (rather than chemical based) for better protection from UV rays both outdoors and indoors.

Do Show Your Teeth When You Smile. Smiling without showing your pearly whites strengthens the muscles contributing to frown lines. Smile big to prevent wrinkles.

Do Drink Plenty of Water. Keep a reusable bottle on hand and refill it throughout the day. If you enjoy a morning espresso or evening glass of wine, remember to replenish with plenty of water.

Do get your 8 Hours of Sleep. Life is hectic but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on sleep. It’s essential for our body to function optimally. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

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