Draft Al Gore, The True Heir To FDR and JFK

Ladies and gentlemen, do not be deceived by the darkness on the evening news or the nasty poison that envelopes our politics. The future is beginning, and the man to lead it and shape it is Al Gore.
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As 2 billion people join the LiveEarth concert on seven continents, a
group of New Hampshire citizens has started a movement to put Al Gore on
the ballot in New Hampshire.

Last week a poll in New Hampshire showed Al Gore winning the primary in
that state and this coming fall I predict Al Gore will win the Nobel
Prize for peace.

Every so often, in America, voters have an opportunity to fire the shot
that will be heard around the world, to lift the spirits of America and
lift the stature and reputation of America around the world.

It is time for a genuine and authentic national
draft movement to put Al Gore's name on the
ballot in every state where it is possible and
more from worthy advocacy to direct action.

Every American should read Al Gore's book The Assault On Reason, a
manifesto for
freedom and democracy in the modern world, a sweeping indictment of the
sins and shames of the George Bush era and a call to arms for everything
that America can be.

In my view The Assault On Reason is the
single most profound and important book
since 9-11 in describing what has gone so
catastrophically wrong during the Bush years,
and what needs to be done.

Al Gore is the true and legitimate heir to Franklin Roosevelt and John
F. Kennedy as a political leader who stands for fundamental change, a
new political order in America, a new political realignment based on a
lifetime of enormous achievement and a program that lays out a noble
vision and concrete plan.

There is no candidate, in either party, who even comes close to being
commander in chief ready on his first day as President. As Congressman,
Senator, Vice President, leader, entrepreneur, capitalist, visionary,
and a man with a moral compass Gore has the qualifications and
experience necessary in a President, with the courage and principle our
leaders should have.

There is no candidate, in either party, who has demonstrated any
leadership, on any issue, even close the the leadership Al Gore has
demonstrated on global warming and the
environment not for a season, but for a lifetime.

There is no candidate, in either party, who has been so cogently correct
on the great war of our times, as Al Gore has been in opposing the war
in Iraq from the beginning, and in standing for an Americanism that
honors free speech, the Bill of Rights, and our national values from
opposing torture to supporting civil and human rights.

There is no candidate, in either party, who has been so far ahead of his
times, on so many occasions, measured in decades and not
months, on great issue after great issue from nuclear non-proliferation
to alternative energy, from the potential of technology to the civil and
human rights of men and women.

Judgement, temperament, experience, and
knowledge are qualities that developed over a lifetime and qualities
urgently needed in our next President.

Al Gore was born in the spirit of the new South and has stood for civil
rights and equality, for civil liberties and constitutional freedom, in
good times and bad, and is the ideal voice when even our Supreme Court
is revisiting the dark days of segregrated justice in America.

America is ready for another revolution, a return to the first
principles of freedom, for a profound reformation of the corruption that
plagues our system, for a profound uplifting of the American Spirit
based on high ideals, great aspirations, noble traditions and civic

America is ending what will be seen as a dark interlude in our national
affairs, which will be known as the Bush years, which will end with
great rejoicing throughout America and around the world.

Gore-Obama, Gore-Webb, Gore-Bloomberg,
Gore-Clark, Gore-Richardson, there is magic in them all, which is the
magic of America.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not be deceived by the darkness on the evening
news or the nasty poison that envelopes our politics. The dead hand of
the past is ending, the future is now beginning, and the ideal man to
lead it and shape it, is Al Gore.

Our mission, as Democrats, is not to elect a candidate or a Congress,
but to change our country, to return what we have always been at our
best, to bring out the nobility and spirit and character of our nation.

Our mission is not to win an election, but to inaugurate a new era in
American history that will be reminiscent of those great eras of reform
and renewal brought by Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin
Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

The heir to that tradition, the bearer of that legacy, and the person of
substance and
stature who towers over the mediocrity of our political times is Al

The draft movement will soon have his name on the ballot for the shot
that could be heard around the world as the man, the mission and moment
come together.

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