Here's How To Make Sure Your Drafty Home Is Never Cold Again

Hint: It involves your windows.

If you've got your heat on full blast and you're confused as to why you're still cold, you may want to start thinking about your windows. Yes, your windows are beautiful, but during the freezing months of winter, they become huge gaps in your walls that bring cold air into your house. Thankfully Nelson Lebo, an eco-design consultant and educator, wrote up a solution to drafty windows over on

According to Lebo, it all comes down to your curtains. Lebo explains that it doesn't matter how fancy or insulated the glass is on your windows, if they don't have a "properly fitted, insulating fabric" covering them, cold air will seep in. And in order to make sure you have properly fitted curtains, you need to have the right kind of track, or a rod or rail. Most people have open tracks that are placed a few inches away from the wall, causing the warm air at the top of the window to stay trapped within the curtain.

To remedy this, Lebo suggests installing a pelmet, "a cornice or valance that conceals the top of a curtain rail" and allows hot air to circulate through your home. The next thing you'll want to get is a floor length curtain instead of a free-hanging one, which will "slow the free movement of air out of the bottom."

Here's an illustrated guide on how the right window treatments can help keep your home warm, plus an easy, DIY way to block out drafts.


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