'Drag Explosion' Revives 80s And 90s Drag Queen Culture With A Vengeance (NSFW PHOTOS)

Drag queen Linda Simpson is turning her personal snapshots into a multimedia art project.

Simpson's intimate photos take viewers back to the early days of drag, revisiting the glamorous, glitter-drenched nights that crept into mornings. From notorious East Village spots like the Pyramid Club to mega venues like the Palladium, Simpson tracks the evolution and eventual explosion of drag into a widely-acknowledged subculture. In her gender-bending photographs, Simpson depicts a revolutionary generation that changed the world with every party.

Though "Drag Explosion" will primarily be displayed through live presentations, gallery exhibitions and a book are also in progress. Live vicariously through Simpson's friend crew in the delicious photos below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. (Note: Some images contain nudity.)


Francine and Thad at the Copacabana nightclub. (May 1992)


Lady Bunny, Misstress Formika, Sweetie, Anna Conda and Tabbboo! in the Pyramid Club dressing room. (August, 1992)


Kabuki and Keda at the Limelight nightclub (March, 1993)


Billy Beyond at Wigstock. (September, 1994)


Afrodite, Sweetie, Faux Pas, Linda Simpson and Flloyd at the Building NIghtclub (November, 1991)


Little Whitney and Juan at My Comrade magazine photo shoot. (Spring, 1988)


Joey and Miss Demeanor at Wigstock. (September, 1988)


Adam, Matt and George at Wigstock. (September, 1988)


Page, PJ and Catherine in Pyramid Club dressing room. (May, 1992)