'Drag Musician' Adore Delano Just Dropped Her New Video

She's come a long way since "American Idol" and "Drag Race"...

Adore Delano has proven herself to be a standout queen from the "RuPaul's Drag Race" franchise, utilizing her musical roots from her days on "American Idol" to create a path entirely her own as a drag queen musician.

The artist dropped her sophomore album, "After Party," this week, alongside a video for her latest single, "Take Me There." 

"The concept for 'Take Me There' came from just wanting to have a fun anthem, Delano told The Huffington Post. "The direction of the overall album is more sophisticated and a bit grown, so the "have-fun-and-be-young-good-vibes" sound really got me. I am a drag musician now. I focus more on my writing and work more than how long my eyelashes are supposed to be and I'm grateful enough to have a fan base that understands that."

Watch the video for yourself above and head here to check out "After Party" on iTunes.