These Drag Superstars Are Searching For The World's First Drag Supermonster

"We’re celebrating the uncelebrated."

A new kind of drag competition is blossoming on the West Coast ― one that combines the cultural fascination with “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” an important queer talk show and a cult nightlife sensation.

“Dragula: Search For The World’s First Drag Supermonster” is a web series-based reality competition from LA-based drag artists The Boulet Brothers.

These two performers have gained national recognition over the past several years for their transgressive and dark traveling nightlife event, Dragula. They’ve taken Dragula on the road to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Austin, Texas. Now The Boulet Brothers are teaming up with queer talk show “Hey Qween” ― hosted by Jonny McGovern ― to build on the legacy of Dragula and elevate a handful of talented drag artists who’ve been shirked by the mainstream. 

“Our whole goal with Dragula was to take queens that the mainstream flush and turn around and flaunt them,” The Boulet Brothers told The Huffington Post. “Gender hack queens, bearded ladies, punk rock princesses ― these are the stars of Dragula. You may be shunned in your town by the mainstream, but when Dragula comes to town, we’re going to make you a star and they’re going to all want a piece of you. The idea of being able to expand that concept to monster queens across the world really appealed to us.”

“Dragula: Search For The World’s First Drag Supermonster” features nine different queens competing and one by one another queen gets “exterminated” each week until only the winner remains. The first two episodes have already aired ― check out the debut episode above and the second one below.

Who will be crowned The World’s First Drag Supermonster? Stay tuned, but in the meantime catch up with what The Boulet Brothers and “Hey Qween” have been up to.