5 YouTube Drag Queens Who'll Help You Look Beat For The Gods

We can all stand to learn a thing or two from them.

Wondering how you can have your face looking beat for the gods? Look no further than the drag queens of YouTube who’ve mastered the art of makeup.

Now, we understand that drag makeup ― with the exaggerated brows, extra-long lashes and sparkles galore ― may be a little too bold for most people’s day-to-day, but that’s no reason to be intimidated. We can definitely stand to learn a thing or two from drag performers, especially when it comes to makeup. The way they masterfully contour their faces and apply their perfectly winged liner really is amazing.

Whether you’re trying to up your contouring game or you just need a little more convincing that a sparkly lip is a good idea, these drag queens can provide all the inspiration you need:

Miss Fame
Miss Fame's channel offers plenty of easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials for a variety of different looks, from the ultra glam "Extreme Seduction" to "Fresh" makeup. We also love the "Painted by Fame" series, in which Miss Fame herself gives famous guests (like Maddie Ziegler and Marc Jacobs) the drag makeup treatment. All of it really is fabulous.

Check out Miss Fame's channel here.
Alexis Stone
If you're looking for some impressive celebrity-inspired makeup transformations, Alexis Stone has you covered with plenty of videos that will make you do a double take. (The man behind Ms. Stone is a makeup artist named Elliot Joseph Rentz who's worked with famous clients like Lady Gaga and Rose McGowan.) Using just makeup, this drag queen transforms into stars like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Kris Jenner.

Check out Alexis Stone's channel here.
Sugar Love
You won't necessarily find in-depth makeup tutorials on Sugar Love's channels, but the makeup transformation videos are extremely mesmerizing and offer plenty of inspiration.

Check out Sugar Love's channel here.
Pearl, like Alexis Stone and Sugar Love, is a makeup transformation whiz. The "RuPaul's Drag Race" runner-up's channel doesn't have too many videos right now, but new clips have been posted regularly as of late, so we're hopeful for more fabulous content to come. Plus, we're believers in quality over quantity, and the current transformation videos available -- like Pearl's infamous snake-inspired look from "RPDR" or the "no makeup" makeup look -- are downright fierce.

Check out Pearl's channel here.
Kimberly Clark
Kimberly Clark's YouTube channel has a few tutorials, but her some of her most popular videos are her "Anti-Hauls," in which she hilariously breaks down all the beauty products she won't be buying and why. (The series is a riff on the popular haul videos online in which vloggers show viewers products they've purchased). Aside from beauty-related content, you'll also find videos touching on topic like consumerism and white privilege and even some performance clips.

Check out Kimberly Clark's channel here.
For quality tutorials from all your favorite drag queens, we recommend subscribing to Logo TV's YouTube channel, which has an entire playlist of makeup tutorials starring the "RPDR" queens. You're welcome.

Check out Logo TV's channel here.

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