Is This A Dragon Skull On Mars?


No, this is probably not a dragon skull on Mars, and we're not going to pretend to give it consideration as such. But we can add it to the ever-growing compendium of Things That Are Probably Rocks But Look Like Other Cool Things On Mars!

People perusing NASA's photos of the red planet's surface have found plenty of weird looking rocks. Those rocks have been confused for faces, lizards, rats, lizard-rats, and even a beautiful woman! But one Twitter user's submission to the compendium takes the cake:

Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily blog says this rock looks like either a horse or dragon head, and that it could have survived wear from the red planet for millions of years despite being exposed.

"Here we have an ancient carving of a face that looks similar to a horse or dragon head," he writes. "The detail is still high even though its been beaten by the sun and dust storms that ravage Mars over thousand or millions of years."

What's the weirdest rock you've seen in NASA's photos?



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