Drain Your Savings And Win A Dinner Date With Leonardo DiCaprio And Kate Winslet

Bring your own vape pen.

Icebergs be damned. Near, far, wherever they are, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will always be Jack and Rose from “Titanic.” 

And just in case your heart still goes on and on for the James Cameron-directed flick, then start pinching pennies because you just might score a private two-on-one dinner with the film’s stars, according to People.

That’s right, as part of the auction gala hosted by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which raises serious funds for environmental causes, one lucky fan will wine and dine with Winslet and DiCaprio. The highest bidder will meet the real-life BFFs at the New York City restaurant of their choosing in either October or November. 

Never let go. 
Never let go. 

All proceeds from the annual gala, which takes place in St. Tropez, France, on Wednesday, will go to causes near and dear to the actors’ hearts.

Funds raised will benefit the foundation’s environmental work, as well as a GoFundMe campaign Winslet backs to help a cancer-stricken young mother and the Golden Hat Foundation, which supports children with autism and their families. 

In 2016, the event reportedly raised $45 million and boasted a star-studded guest list, including Tobey Maguire, Bono, Chris Rock, Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell. 

This year, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo be recognized for her “innovative approach to making Paris a model for sustainable urban living and design” and musician Lenny Kravitz will perform. 

Start saving, y’all. 



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