Drake Says He 'Can't Wait To Get Back Into Acting'

And talks to himself in the shower.
Drake (3rd from L) poses with his former 'Degrassi' co-stars Daniel Clark, Adamo Ruggiero and Lauren Collins
Drake (3rd from L) poses with his former 'Degrassi' co-stars Daniel Clark, Adamo Ruggiero and Lauren Collins

Is this the return of Wheelchair Jimmy?

Drake has inhabited many roles in his career -- actor, rapper, Madonna's makeout partner -- and now, muse. W Art has commissioned five different artists for its latest issue to create works that capture the musician's essence. In the accompanying interview, Drake opens up about his passion for acting, the Meek Mill feud, and even his shower routine. 

“I can’t wait to get back into acting,” said Drake, who starred on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" before entering the music industry. “No one ever asks me to do movies, and, although music is my focal point now, I’d love to do a film. That was the life that I lived before, and it would be interesting to live it again.”

Meanwhile, the rapper also addressed his very public feud with Meek Mill, who accused Drake of using ghostwriters for a song they collaborated on. Drake fired back with the now famous retort: "I signed up for greatness. This comes with it." When asked about his response, Drake explained how his outlook on the industry has evolved.

"At 19, I was just really, really excited to be in the room. Everything was romantic then. Now, nearly a decade later, it’s a bit different. I have to speak against negativity and conflict. There’s so much bullshit that you’re forced to address, but it’s okay."

The interview came to a close when Drake offered up this gem when asked if he sings in the shower. "I don’t really sing, but I do practice answers to questions in the shower," he said. "I talk to myself. I use my shower time to figure out how to respond to the world." Everybody stop imagining Drake showering in 3 ... 2 ... 1.

Whatever Drake decides to do, we know one thing: pop culture wouldn't be the same without him. 

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