Drake And Jared Leto Keep It Honest For Game Of 'Never Have I Ever'

Nude selfies, anyone?
These two. 
These two. 

Mr. "More Than A Meme" Drake and the eternally ageless Jared Leto stop by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday for a fun little game of "Never Have I Ever." Spoiler alert: this threesome gets raunchy. 

DeGeneres has to do a little coaxing to get her guests to elaborate on some of their answers, but the rapper and actor are actually pretty good sports. With Drake being Drake, he asks things like "What is a fan?" before answering, but he ends up admitting that he, A) has hooked up with a fan, B) makes out with people twice his age and C) surprisingly doesn't send nude selfies. 

Leto -- on the other hand -- can we get yo' number? 



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