Drake Goes Back To His Own Bar Mitzvah In 'SNL' Monologue


Drake was not about to let anyone forget his roots when hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. In his opening monologue, the rapper brought up his previous life as a teen actor on the Canadian soap opera "Degrassi," as well as his mixed heritage that includes a black father and a Jewish mother.

In the show's opening monologue, Drake traveled back in time to his own bar mitzvah, where his mom and dad (played here by Vanessa Bayer and Jay Pharoah) and other family members (including Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney and newcomer Sasheer Zamata, in her first appearance) gave him money.

"To my mom's side of the family, I say shabbat shalom," Drake said. "And to my dad's side of the family, I say wassup? Like the Budweiser commercial. It's 1999, and I'm 13. It's hilarious."

He then rapped about his mixed upbringing over a "Hava Nagila" inspired beat. Here are the lyrics:

I'm black and Jewish
Don't be so foolish
I'm black and Jewish
It's a mitzvah

Please don't forget I'm black
Please don't forget I'm Jewish
I play ball like LeBron and I know what a W-2 is

Chillin' at Boca Raton with my mensch Lenny Kravitz
Only purple drank we sip is purple Manischewitz
At my show, you won't simply put your hands in the air
We can also raise a chair
Or recite a Jewish prayer, like:
Baruch yetadel [sic] Yisrael ve'et haKim Kardashian, Kanye West, Amen.

I eat nova with Hova
Knishes with my bitches
A bagel with cream cheesy
With my boy, his name is Weezy

[Spoken] Do not go to Feingold's, though. The pickles are rubber.

I will not be harming ya
I read the Old Testament over a matzoh ball
I'll eat the rest of it

I celebrate Hannukah
Dated Rihanna-kah
Birthright to Israel
Mama from Canada
Daddy from Africa
When you're Jewish and black and you're

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