Drake's Dad Just Released A Music Video And Damn, It's Smooth

Like father, like son.

Last week one Dennis Graham, better known as the man responsible for half of Drake’s DNA, released a music video for the song “Kinda Crazy,” an ’80s style smooth jam.

Ladies and gentlemen, Champagne Grandpapi has arrived.

The video features Graham sitting in an ornate silver throne surrounded by rolling fog and a mysterious candelabra. He’s rocking a bushy mustache and a necklace bearing his son’s signature OVO owl.

Graham then breaks into some in-chair and out-of-chair dancing, showing that Drake didn’t get those “Dad, please stop, you’re embarrassing me!” dance moves from his mother. He eventually takes a break to sip on whiskey and flirt with the ladies.

Since it was uploaded to YouTube four days ago, Graham’s video has racked up over 25,000 views. Fingers crossed for a father-son collaboration very soon.

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