Drake Explains 14-Minute Private Jet Flight After Being Called 'Part Of The Problem'

The Canadian rapper claimed "logistics" were to blame for the flight and that his $185 million jet was merely being transported from one airport to another.
Twelve years after posing in front of his leased tour plane, Drake fully owns his own Boeing 767.
Twelve years after posing in front of his leased tour plane, Drake fully owns his own Boeing 767.
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Drake commented Tuesday on an Instagram post containing screenshots of furious fans denouncing his plane’s recent 14-minute flight from Hamilton to Toronto, according to Page Six.

“This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at for anyone who was interested in the logistics … nobody takes that flight,” the Canadian rapper, who owns a Boeing 767, commented on the post.

The public response came three years after Drake took Instagram followers on a proud tour of his $185 million “Air Drake” jet. This week, the Grammy Award winner and OVO Sound CEO unwittingly joined Kylie Jenner in being shamed online for his lack of tact regarding carbon emissions amid growing climate change concerns, however.

Flight records for “Air Drake” show that it flew seven-minute, 14-minute and 12-minute flights from Hamilton to Toronto in June and July, as per the Twitter account Celebrity Jets. Twitter users noted the 43-mile trip could easily be made on land.

“Drake is part of the problem, taking multiple 15 minute flights to Hamilton and back while the environment is collapsing,” tweeted Jesse Hawken, a writer and host of the “Junk Filter” podcast. “Dude, take the GO train ffs.”

Though the rapper maintained he wasn’t aboard during the flights in question, the plane’s passenger-less journeys nonetheless contribute to the global CO2 crisis. On the other hand, Drake would presumably get mobbed by fans if he traveled in public.

While Boeing 767s typically seat hundreds of people, “Air Drake” was internally renovated to suit the rapper’s preferences. He personally thanked Cargojet CEO Ajay Virmani in a 2019 video for making it possible.

Drake previously leased a jetliner from Virgin, most notably during his “Thank Me Later” tour in 2010, but now joins Jenner in owning his own.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder, who was denounced as a “climate criminal” after taking her private jet on a 17-minute flight from Camarillo to Van Nuys in California last week, has yet to comment on the resultant outrage.

Unlike Drake, she merely responded with an Instagram post showcasing her jet and that of her husband Travis Scott.

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