What If Drake Hadn't Chosen James Turrell For His 'Hotline Bling' Video?

What if he opted for Flavin? Serra? Kusama? Judd?

Yes, yes. Simmer down, class. Drake luvs him some James Turrell. So much so, in fact, that he put on his best sweatpants and turtleneck and bobbed around like a hot dad at a middle school dance before simulacrums of Turrell's alien lightscapes

In case you need more convincing, there is this: 

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And this:


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And this: 


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What if it wasn't Turrell's illuminated geo-caves that set Drizzy's heart aflutter? What if Lord OVO instead cha-cha-ed before a Kusama?

A Flavin?

A Judd?

A Burden?

A Serra?

<a href="

A Walter De Maria?  

  Dare I even suggest -- the "Rain Room"?

Riddle me this: would Aubrey's Elaine Benes-esque dance moves still have broken so many hearts? Think about it. These questions are DEEP. 

BTW, in case you were curious, it's not an actual Turrell in Drake's vid. Mr. Turrell revealed this fact on Donn Zaretsky’s The Art Law Blog (Zaretsky represents Turrell). 

While I am truly flattered to learn that Drake f**ks with me, I nevertheless wish to make clear that neither I nor any of my woes was involved in any way in the making of the Hotline Bling video.

Spoken like a boss, James. See some of the cosmic cowboy's greatest hits below.


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