Drake Hasn't Even Opened His Restaurant And Already Threw A Party There

Just hold on, we're going there ... when we can.

Drake’s new restaurant, Pick 6ix, isn’t open just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the party. 

The rapper, alongside LeBron James, threw a birthday party for Dwayne Wade in Drake’s hometown of Toronto earlier this week.

The festivities happened just ahead of Thursday night’s Raptors vs. Cavaliers game.

George Dukes, Antonio Park, Drake and Chubbs.
George Dukes, Antonio Park, Drake and Chubbs.
Chubbs and LeBron James.
Chubbs and LeBron James.
Drake (center) smiling at a cupcake.
Drake (center) smiling at a cupcake.

A PR rep for Pick 6ix told a Toronto blog that the “opening date has not yet been set for the restaurant” and will likely open near the end of January “at very earliest.”

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Thus far, it’s unknown what the vibe of the restaurant will be, though news came out last week that Montreal chef Antonio Park will be heading up the kitchen.

As of Wednesday, the restaurant was outfitted with coverings branded by OVO Sound (the Toronto-based Canadian record label Drake co-founded in 2012). 

Drake’s Instagram photos revealed a fair amount of gold accents and velvet furniture, as do other posts on social media by lucky partygoers.

We’ll be waiting with bated breath till Pick 6ix opens. We’re sure the food will be ... the best we ever had.



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