Drake Tries To Play Soccer, But Ends Up Breaking Things

Heads up!

As a youth, playing backyard sports (not the video game -- actual sports in one's backyard) was a daily adventure in hitting, kicking and throwing caution to the wind. Every play was a new opportunity for me or a snot-nosed friend to break something in the backyard. 

Backyard-facing windows were and remain the biggest limitation to letting your summer goals shine through. The first time I broke our family's a garage door window (it wasn't the last), I cried and hid from my dad, fearing retribution that never came. He was remarkably chill about the incident and was more impressed at my development of baseball skills. No big deal -- good arm! 

Drake, on the other hand, lives in a compound full of courts and fields in Calabasas, California, and never has to quiver over a parent's non-wrath after breaking something. There's no punishment for kicking a soccer ball over the goal and right at a lamp:


His friends might want to take cover next time Drake fires a shot. But in case you ever doubted Drakes athleticism (Us? Never!), the rapper conveniently posted another video of his tabletop tennis skills.

Drake, of course, is very, very sPoRtY. Don't ever forget that.  

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