Drake Makes It Rain $50,000 At Strip Club

Drake was wrong when he thought he found the girl of his dreams at a strip club, but that doesn't mean he's given up trying to find her.

In his search the Canadian rapper must have made the dancers at Cameo Nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina, very happy when he made it rain $50,000 on a recent visit to the club. Photos show that the 26-year-old brought a cardboard box full of $1 bills, which he threw in the air over the dancers with glee, until the floor was nothing but a sea of greenbacks.

TMZ reports that a rapper named Bleu Davinci chipped in an additional $25,000, meaning it rained a grand total of $75,000 from Drake's entourage that night.

It's not the first time Drake has been part of such a rain dance. In 2010, the former "Degrassi: The Next Generation" star was photographed at a strip club with Lil Wayne, Akon and DJ Khaled, as they threw $20,000 in singles in the air -- which was nothing compared to the time Drake and Lil Wayne reportedly made it rain $250,000 at King of Diamonds gentlemen’s club in Miami in 2011.

Celebrities, they're NOT just like us.

Celebrity Photos: June 2014

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