We Can’t Say Drake Caused This 5-Second Violation, But We Can’t Say He Didn’t Either

This is not to get confused: Raptors, this defense is for you.

We all know that longtime NBA fan and sometimes musical artist Drake started from the bottom. After a long journey that involved keeping it real from the jump(ball) he is now, officially, here.

What we didn’t know, however, is that “here” is Air Canada Centre, the home arena for the best team Drake’s ever had, the Toronto Raptors. According to the pseudo-scientific evidence gathered by SB Nation, the Raptors are now 5-2 this season when the rapper has attended their home games -- and despite the eventual loss, never was his impact more definitively felt than at their matchup against the Chicago Bulls on Monday night. Drake's front-row defensive heckling may or may not have caused a Bulls turnover, earning Toronto a crucial late-game possession and proving that the contest was far from over.

I know when that whistle zings / that can only mean one thing.

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