Drake Uses 'Saturday Night Live' Monologue To Tell Us He's 'More Than A Meme'

He has feelings, too.

Drake may have started from the bottom, but now that he's here, he wants you to know he's "more than a meme." 

In his monologue for this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live," during which he acted as both host and musical guest, the rapper made sure to express his feelings. As much as we love meme-ifying the 6 God, he isn't so keen on being turned into a joke. "It hurts," he said. 

Of course, the rapper then broke out into song, spitting lines like, "Feels like I'm in a bad dream, 'cause I got turned into another meme," and "You don’t love me for me, you just love me for memes." All the while, some of the most popular Drake memes -- Drizzy as ET, Drizzy on the "Seinfeld" diner, Drizzy as Obama -- flashed across the screen. 

Oh, then Rihanna -- er, Drake in a wig -- made an appearance, giving us yet another meme-able moment. 

Drake, we're sorry we laughed at you all those times you got turned into a meme. It's not your fault you're so meme-able.



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