It's Time To Quit The Rat Race And Become A Freakin' Viking

You don't even have to wear a horned helmet.
Peder Jacobsson

Are you beginning to deeply resent your boring job and annoying family? Are you drawn to the call of the open ocean? Do you have absolutely nothing going on for a full two months?

Now you can try your hand at becoming Viking — without the violence and pillaging.

The Draken Harald Hårfagre, a 115-foot longship based in Norway, has put out a call for volunteer crew members to man the vessel during this year’s voyage from Norway to the U.S., stopping in Iceland, Greenland, and Canada along the way.

Peder Jacobsson

The ship sets sail in May, “trying to recreate the historical route the Vikings explored 1000 years ago” and is modeled after the Gokstad ship — a 9th-century Viking vessel uncovered in the 1800s from a burial mound in Norway.

Peder Jacobsson

That means there’s no “underdeck,” so the only protection from the elements is a small tent. This sounds mildly terrifying (and cold) to us, but note that a “follow ship” will be trailing behind the Draken for extra security and storage space, and we assume this means folks from this ship will be there to help out in case anything truly goes awry.

Peder Jacobsson

The ship also has a hidden engine that the crew has deployed in the past when needed, as well as a modern toilet and stove, which are two major benefits if you ask us.

Anyway, if you think Vikingdom sounds right for you, you can apply here until the end of February, or until the jobs are full. If that doesn’t work out, there’s always becoming an astronaut.

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