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Dramatic Art Finds Of 2012: From The Flea Market Renoir To A Dali At Goodwill (PHOTOS)

The Long-Lost Masterpieces Of 2012

What's the best deal you got this year? Whatever it was, your score probably doesn't compare to paying $7 for an original landscape by Pierre August Renoir.

This year's mistaken art finds were an uneven crop; we saw long-lost masterpieces discovered in flea markets, attics and Goodwill outposts around the world. Some discoverers made out big at auction, while others found they had no real claim to their treasure. But no matter the outcome, when expensive art turns up unexpectedly, you can bet drama isn't far behind. Scroll through the slideshow below and let us know which mistaken art find of 2012 sounds the most impossible.

Owl In The Attic

The Most Dramatic Art Finds Of 2012

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