How To Draw The Internet: 9 Wild Representations Of The Web (PICTURES)

9 Ways To Draw The Internet

How does one portray the Internet? As an amorphous blob of cats? A jumble of tubes? The Google logo? A void?

This was the question posed by digital agency Saint, ArtWeLove, Deviant Art, the NYC Department of Education and Mayor Bloomberg's Office of Media and Entertainment to get people into the spirit of Internet Week 2011, which wrapped in New York City on Monday.

This brain-buster of a question gave birth to the site "Can You Draw The Internet?" Challenging "students, creatives, and established artists" to "[c]apture the spirit of the Internet's billions of pages in a single image," CYDTI is an interactive gallery where visitors can choose their favorite Internet representations.

You can view some of the best Internets (below). Vote for your favorites and send us your drawing of the Internet using our "Add a Slide" tool.

9 Ways To Draw The Internet

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