Draymond Green Had A Better Time At The Warriors Parade Than Anyone Else

Draymond Green had a fantastic time at Riley Curry's parade.

As the procession made its way through the Bay Area on Friday, Green was joined by Oakland native Marshawn Lynch atop his own float. What happened next can only be explained by observing and appreciating the combined levels of DGAF that these two bring in their everyday lives.

Once established on the parade route, Green decided that that fact alone was a problem. Riding along the designated slow-moving path is boring. Simply following others is boring. Draymond Green is not boring. Draymond Green doesn't take direction from a series of floats -- some of which are snail-shaped and breathe fire -- he creates his own direction. Meaning: Green totally jumped off the float and GAVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANTED.


But what the people -- his people, Golden State Warriors fans -- really wanted was validation. The NBA championship isn't enough. Showing it off the Larry O'Brien trophy to the world by hosting an extravagant parade isn't enough. The people demand putdowns of the enemy, and Green is very much here to do that:

Green isn't incorrect in anything he said to CSN reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude either. The Warriors did win. The Cavaliers did, in fact, suck.

Whatever Green is running off of right now -- whether its pure championship-quality emotion or something more adult -- we want some of his truth serum.

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