In Dream College Rankings, Harvard University Is Unseated: Princeton Review Survey

Harvard Unseated As Students' Dream College
john w. weeks bridge and clock...
john w. weeks bridge and clock...

Move over, Harvard.

New findings from the Princeton Review suggest that the country's oldest university has lost its top billing in modern college applicants' minds.

The test preparation and college admissions consulting company released its list of the top 10 colleges that students said were their "dream schools" as part of Princeton Review's annual "College Hopes and Worries Survey." The survey is designed to gauge student stress levels during the college application process. Review the company's findings below. [Story continues below the slideshow.]

1. Stanford University -- Stanford, Calif.

Dream Schools - 2013

With a new king could come a new perception of royalty, however. Students told the Princeton Review that they are concerned about getting into their dream school, but there is another worry that burdens them even more than getting admitted: Some 9,955 college applicants responding to a Princeton Review survey said their chief concern is graduating with too much student debt. That has changed from last year when students were more worried that they would get accepted to their dream college but could not afford to pay for it.

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