8 Of The Best Ways To Spend $5,000 On A Dream Trip


Over the weekend, we asked a loaded question: If you were given $5,000 for the trip of your dreams, where would you go, where would you stay, and what would you do there?

You responded by sharing your dream trips with us via email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Your creativity was astounding, your planning flawless, and your wanderlust admirable. Here are some of our favorite #5kDreamTrips from you, dear readers.

Montevideo, Uruguay
From @tanyabraaksma, via Twitter

While there, Tanya, hit up Malvin Beach and the desserts at Lo de Joaquin?

Kosrae, Micronesia
From Shary Weber, via Facebook
"My dream trip would be to go to the island of Kosrae... My hotel of choice is the Nautilus Resort, run by a wonderful couple from Australia and local staff. Diving and snorkeling are a must in these pristine waters!"

Waikato, New Zealand
From @Crazer57, via Twitter

Ella, you can see it all on a 14-day group tour, or hide out like a real hobbit in Waikato's hillside Hobbit Motel.
waikato lord of the rings

Socotra, Yemen
From Courtney Brandt, via email
This dream trip would include a stay at the Summerland Hotel on Socotra, an archipelago off the coast of Yemen and one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Courtney says she'd complete research for a book and "visit all the unique flora and fauna," like Socotra's rare dragon blood trees.

From micheleherrmann, via Instagram
"I would explore Japan. From the city lights of Tokyo, to the springs of Hakone, to the peaks of Mount Fuji and the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima."

Zanzibar, Tanzania
From @SifisoMaposa, via Twitter

While checking out the Sauti za Busara Music Festival, which introduces visitors to genres like fusion, rumba, and afrobeat, Sifiso, check out some of the seriously serene outdoor massage patios.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
From Anna Lynn Racho, via Facebook
"I'd go to Brazil in a heartbeat with an adventurous friend of mine... watch a Spain match at FIFA World Cup '14 (seats with the perfect view), stay at Caesar Park Rio by the beach, catch amazing sunsets, and go hang gliding in Rio."
rio de janeiro hang glide

Oahu, Hawaii
From cnbtine, via Instagram
"I would spend a week with my new wife hiking, touring, and otherwise enjoying the Hawaiian Islands. Ideally, we would cover most of the beaches, visit the volcanoes, and see the USS Arizona."

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