Dad Films Dream Vegas Vacation On Son's GoPro, But In Selfie Mode

Typical dad move.

A dad filmed his entire vacation of a lifetime to Las Vegas on a GoPro camera -- but in selfie mode.

Joseph Griffin only realized he’d been pointing the gadget the wrong way when he got back home to Ireland.

The resulting hilarious video, which is essentially a face-to-camera travelogue, has been dubbed by some viewers as the “funniest guide to Vegas ever.”

He’s seen saying how the Trump Tower is “the same color as his hair,” and describing the wobbly monorail.

But the viewer never gets to see any of these tourist attractions. They only see his face. The rather apt “Benny Hill” theme song is also played out at one point.

The clip is now going viral after his son, Evan, who lent him the action camera for the trip, stitched the clips together and uploaded the 4-minute footage to YouTube on Friday, according to PetaPixel.

“So… Gave my Dad my GoPro while he was in Las Vegas,” Evan wrote in the video’s description.

“I did not, however, instruct him on how to use it, so my dad being my dad, and a culchie [rural countryman] didn’t know which way to point the f*****g thing,” he added.

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