Dreaming After 40, Is It Too Late?

I lived most of my life thinking it was too late.

Can I become a successful entrepreneur after the age of 40?
Or is it wise to leave a 6 figure, full benefits and a pension plan to start my own business?

At 12 years old I left home to pursue the professional art & training of ballet and by the time I turned 17 --it was already too late. I had not achieved the ranks of Prima Ballerina.

I had not mastered the tour fouetté, it was over for me.

Plan B was to become a backup dancer for Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul and add gyrating to my resume. I finally succumbed to financial pressures. The need to be financially self-sufficient was too strong, I had convinced myself it was okay to choose an ordinary lifestyle.

As time went on, my light grew dimmer and dimmer. I returned to night school studying and hustled for a minimum wage salary during the day.

After a hit of depression, I emerged with a new direction; MAKE MONEY.

One hell of an epiphany among the cockroach roommates and vowing to myself, "This is my last ramen noodle supper".

"Make money and I'll be happy" was my new under-the-breath mantra, whenever the struggling became unbearable. And I did everything possible to make it happen.

That year I graduated from University at 27 and then grad school at 30, simultaneously working my way up the corporate ladder.

The more I climbed, the less convinced I became of my choice. "Is it just about the money?"

The more I climbed the more I searched for my happy. "Will this truly make me happy?!"
The more I climbed the more I became sick: chronic migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, allergies, insomnia, thyroid problems, stomach ulcers. My body was clearly giving me signs but it was too late to turn back, it was too late to start over.

I felt an unnerving urge to push forward anyway.

At 30, I took a chance to get back on stage and pursue theatre. But the pressures of my day job meant long hours, hours I could not spend on my acting practice. I began chanting my mantra "Make money and I'll be happy. Make money and I'll be happy." It gave me the drive to continued to push my way forward in the corporate world and leave the stage life behind.

By age 35 my chronic migraines were at its peak, I was living at 30% capacity and it showed. There began my inward journey of meditation and the process of forgiving myself.

Finally on the eve of turning 40, I decided to let go.

I finally gave myself permission to try something different and not care what others may think. I decided to embrace myself fully. I decided to align myself with happiness and pursue all things that lit me up!

The money would be the perk. I liked how that sounded.

As soon as that decision formed, seeds of miracles started to sprout. My yellow brick road came into plain view & my great OZ appeared to remind me: "It is never too late. You've had the power all along".

These 5 things have been the secret power to my success.

#1 Let It Go

In real life, there is no ice Castle you can escape to like Frozen the movie. You deal with life head on and it's terrifying but not crippling. That moment I chose to let go...everything in my life changed. Little pockets of miracles popped up and started a brand new life. For the first time in years, I felt as though possibilities had arrived. It felt child-like, marvelling at wonders & the adventure of a life unraveling.

Let go and open yourself up to possibilities.
Let go of what others might think.
Let go of what society deems you should do, be or act.
Let go and embrace your true self.
Let go and make up the rules as you go.

#2 Everyone Has a Path

Not until I started my online business did I realize --everyone has a path. I thought my 20+ years in corporate were a huge waste of time but to be honest, my early online success was hugely due to all my years as a corporate cog. I had worked for some of the largest multinational companies, traveled across the world, and humbly bragged about working with A-list celebrities.

Yes, it was pretty sweet. It allowed me to learn, grow, and pick up the necessary tools needed to become the entrepreneur --I knew I could be.

#3 Fail Faster

My first attempt to host a live broadcast on a webinar failed miserably, with more than 100 people registered and 30 people watching live. Not even clairvoyant Tyler Henry could foresee this crash & burn.

In my eagerness, I pressed the wrong button and my entire webinar platform shut down. The dreaded spinning beach ball on my old MacBook appeared and I knew it was a wrap. Registered attendants were firing off emails screaming of connection failure. It was a total disaster but it didn't stop me from trying again.

My determination paid off. My second webinar generated over 600 views!

Pro Tip: When hosting your live broadcast webinar, be sure your laptop can support your business' ambitions.

#4 Get Hooked on a Feeling

Feelings are the driving force behind actions and believe it or not, attraction. We actively create our reality through the feelings we feel and the vibrations we send out. Therefore, whatever you focus on will expand. Get hooked on the right feeling as the sun rises to greet you, consciously tune in and allow your thoughts and feelings to align with your dream life.

It's not "build it and they will come" but "feel it, believe it and it will come"!

#5 It's Never Too Late

Probably the most important secret power of all.

I cling tightly to one of my favourite quotes, written by George Eliot "It's never too late to be who you might have been".

It's never too late to do, be or have what you want. And to think you could be, do or have whatever you want.

Yes, there will be fear but if you view fear as your biggest opportunity --then it doesn't seem so scary after all.

Leap and make it happen.

An under-the-breath mantra worth chanting.

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