This Simple Trick Will Unleash Your Creative Genius

Your brain does more than you think. 👌

We tend to think of dreaming as an activity reserved for sleeping hours. But as it turns out, this is far from the case.

Dream psychologists have long associated nighttime dreams with certain symbolic meanings that can unleash all sorts of clues about what's going on in our psyches while we sleep. And we even know that asking your brain for an answer before you fall asleep has been shown to increase the potential for problem-solving dreams overnight.

More recent research has uncovered the brain network responsible for a whole new type of "dreaming" -- the kind that happens by daylight, while you're still awake.

In our fourth episode of Next Level Living, a 10-part HuffPost Originals video series on the science behind our everyday habits, we explain how to tap into your brain's "imagination network" by day so you can better solve problems, imagine solutions and potentially even become a creative genius.

Check out the Next Level Living episode above to learn how to make dreaming work for you.

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